Favorites Of The Week Edition 3

Favorites of the Week

I laid down to go to bed about 1am last night and my 9 month old daughter decided to wake up at 2am for about an hour so needless to say I’m going to consume a lot of coffee today, but at least IT’S FRIDAY!  This week’s favorites are solely focused on money simply because I just came across a ton of awesome money articles this week. [Read Full Article…]

Favorites Of The Week Edition 1

Favorites Of The Week

Today I’m starting a new idea I’m going to call ‘Favorites of the Week’.  This will be a weekly post featuring my favorite articles from around the web that I’ve came across recently.  I will provide links so you can go and read them yourself and maybe a short comment on each article about why I liked it so much.  I will try to get at least one article from each topic covered on my blog.  Feedback is always appreciated, so let me know what you think [Read Full Article…]

8 Ideas To Help Improve Your Workouts

Gym Barbell

At the gym yesterday I found myself asking what sort of tips or advice I could write pertaining to boosting workouts that might be at least somewhat unique and useful.  Everyone who works out regularly is always looking for ways to boost their performance at the gym in various ways.  Some people want to lift a little more weight than last week, others would like to add a rep or two to their sets, and for cardio some might like to increase the duration or intensity of their [Read Full Article…]

Why I Started A Blog


I was sitting there contemplating today, why did i even start this stupid blog?  See, I have all of these thoughts constantly running through my mind, like 24/7.  I’m not sure it’s healthy, but I’m not sure I can help it either.  Occasionally these thoughts spill out in conversation or onto social media in the form of a joke or rant and then I find myself wondering how did I even come up with that garbage and why did I share it! [Read Full Article…]

10 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money

Dollar Bill

Money can be tight for many hard working people these days and it seems everyone is looking for a way to earn a little extra money.  Perhaps, you want to afford your dream vacation, pay off some debt, or just simply make ends meet.  Whatever your reasoning, I’m going to provide you with several different ideas for [Read Full Article…]

Why I Love My 1998 Honda Accord

1998 Honda Accord

Back in November 2015 I bought a 1998 Honda Accord from a friend at work.  I didn’t need the car at all, but it was a deal that I could not pass up for just $750.  My friend had the car for a long time and he was eager to get rid of it because he no longer needed it.  I helped make the transaction quick, easy, and hassle free for him by not having to deal with any craigslist crazies so I believe we both got what we wanted from the deal.  Anyways let’s discuss some reasons that I love my 1998 Honda Accord. [Read Full Article…]

5 Exercises You Should Be Doing At The Gym


Well it’s February now so hopefully you’re still sticking to that new year’s resolution of exercising regularly and if not you need to get your butt back in the gym!  I just recently started working out regularly again myself and while I’m waddling down stairs today like an 80 year old man due to squat exercises, I feel amazing!  The most significant improvements I’ve noticed in these first two weeks are my improved mood and that my energy levels [Read Full Article…]

Quick Tips For Saving Money On Purchases

Saving Money

If you’re anything like me you enjoy finding new ways to save money on any and every purchase that you make.  I’ve only became so thrifty and frugal in recent years mostly due to increasing expenses which I can’t control such as outrageous health insurance premiums.  What a scam!  Anyways, if you’re not so savvy yet when it comes to saving on everyday purchases and you want a few pointers then I’m going to provide you with some quick tips and [Read Full Article…]

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas That Are Actually Good


Need last minute gift ideas for Christmas?  Having trouble finding that perfect gift? Being the procrastinator and picky person that I am, I struggle with both of these issues every year.  If I’m going to buy someone a gift I want it to be something awesome, not just a boring gift card.  Admittedly though, I have resorted to buying gift cards occasionally in the past when I just couldn’t come up with a gift idea that was satisfactory.  Well this year [Read Full Article…]