Favorites Of The Week Edition 2

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I’m back with another edition of favorites of the week!  Let’s get right to it.  Here are my favorite articles that I’ve came across this week.


Make A Wooden Cooler Box – The weather is warming up and it’s time for some outdoor DIY projects.  This wooden cooler box from Jay’s Custom Creations would be an awesome addition to your outdoor living space.

Yardzee! – I just discovered this awesome DIY spinoff of the classic board game Yahtzee and I can’t wait to make my own set.  Add a 5 gallon bucket for rolling the dice and print out some laminated score cards so that the score cards are dry-erase and you’re all set.  If you’re not the DIY type, but you still want this awesome game then you can Buy It On Etsy for just $45.


10 Apps that Help Teach Children Financial Skills – As someone who was naive and stupid when it came to personal finances up until a few years ago I believe that it’s crucial to teach children financial skills at a young age so that they don’t make stupid financial decisions in early adulthood such as taking out large amounts of student loans, buying brand new cars that they can’t truly afford, racking up thousands of dollars in credit card debit, or spending all of their money at bars.  I’ve made all 4 of these mistakes personally so I can say from personal experience that they’re all stupid decisions that a lot of young people make.

Stack Your Money And Act Broke – The title of the article says it all, but my favorite part of the article is where he basically says that not only should you act broke towards others, but you should act broke to yourself and your thought processes.  It’s not always easy to act broke to others, but it’s even more difficult to act broke to yourself when you know that you have money available to spend.

Seven Spring Spending Traps (and How to Avoid Them) – How many of these have you fallen victim to so far this spring?  I’ve fallen victim to a few of them, but not as many as I have in the past.

Food & Drink

12 Surprising Things You Can Do With Avocado Oil – You can shave or remove makeup with avocado oil?  I’ve never heard of or thought of that.  I wonder if it would be better to use and/or less expensive than commercial products.  This list is surprising and worth a read.

SLOW COOKER ROOT BEER PULLED PORK – I love pulled pork and I love root beer so I’m about 99% sure that I would love this recipe.  I’d probably use Mug Root Beer though because it’s the best root beer you can get in a can or bottle in my opinion.

Health & Fitness

Fit Cliq App – I just read about the FitCliq app this week and it’s a very interesting concept.  Basically, it’s an app to meet up with people nearby and workout.  The coolest part about this app in my opinion is that you can meet people for various activities such as playing basketball or mountain bike riding, not just going to the gym.  It’s always seems so tough or nearly impossible to get people together for team sports such as basketball volleyball, or soccer and I think that this app could really help with that.  If anyone happens to try this app out let me know what you think about it.

7 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief –  Allergy season is upon us and it can be miserable for some folks.  Here are some natural remedies that may help relieve some of those pesky allergies.


LESS STUFF, MORE SEX –  I just like the concept and story of this one.

Let me know in the comments below which articles were your favorite and why.

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  1. Lindsey Heringer -

    I love the minimalists! I listen to their podcast every week, or at least every week that they have one!


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