Favorites Of The Week Edition 1

Favorites Of The Week

Today I’m starting a new idea I’m going to call ‘Favorites of the Week’.  This will be a weekly post featuring my favorite articles from around the web that I’ve came across recently.  I will provide links so you can go and read them yourself and maybe a short comment on each article about why I liked it so much.  I will try to get at least one article from each topic covered on my blog.  Feedback is always appreciated, so let me know what you think [Read Full Article…]

How To Cut A Pineapple


If you ask me, there aren’t many fruits as delicious as a fresh cut pineapple.  Pineapples in a can don’t even compare in taste and they probably also lose some of the nutritional value as they’re usually soaked in a high fructose corn syrup for preservation and shelf life.  Pre-cut pineapples in plastic containers are very convenient and can be almost as tasty as a fresh cut pineapple, but they are usually at least double the cost of a whole pineapple for less than half of the amount you get from a whole pineapple.  A fresh cut pineapple can be cut in less than 5 minutes with little effort. [Read Full Article…]