Favorites Of The Week Edition 1

Favorites Of The Week

Today I’m starting a new idea I’m going to call ‘Favorites of the Week’.  This will be a weekly post featuring my favorite articles from around the web that I’ve came across recently.  I will provide links so you can go and read them yourself and maybe a short comment on each article about why I liked it so much.  I will try to get at least one article from each topic covered on my blog.  Feedback is always appreciated, so let me know what you think [Read Full Article…]

8 Ideas To Help Improve Your Workouts

Gym Barbell

At the gym yesterday I found myself asking what sort of tips or advice I could write pertaining to boosting workouts that might be at least somewhat unique and useful.  Everyone who works out regularly is always looking for ways to boost their performance at the gym in various ways.  Some people want to lift a little more weight than last week, others would like to add a rep or two to their sets, and for cardio some might like to increase the duration or intensity of their [Read Full Article…]

5 Exercises You Should Be Doing At The Gym


Well it’s February now so hopefully you’re still sticking to that new year’s resolution of exercising regularly and if not you need to get your butt back in the gym!  I just recently started working out regularly again myself and while I’m waddling down stairs today like an 80 year old man due to squat exercises, I feel amazing!  The most significant improvements I’ve noticed in these first two weeks are my improved mood and that my energy levels [Read Full Article…]