Why I Love My 1998 Honda Accord

1998 Honda Accord

Back in November 2015 I bought a 1998 Honda Accord from a friend at work.  I didn’t need the car at all, but it was a deal that I could not pass up for just $750.  My friend had the car for a long time and he was eager to get rid of it because he no longer needed it.  I helped make the transaction quick, easy, and hassle free for him by not having to deal with any craigslist crazies so I believe we both got what we wanted from the deal.  Anyways let’s discuss some reasons that I love my 1998 Honda Accord.

Some Reasons I Love My Accord

  1. IT’S PAID OFF – I paid $750 cash for the car so there is no loan out on the car.  Car loans are the worst.  I’m sure anyone who’s ever had one will agree.  I am not free of car loans myself yet, but once I am, I plan to avoid car loans for the rest of my life.
  2. IT RUNS WELL – I haven’t had any issues with the car since purchasing it in November (knock on wood).  It has 280,000 miles on it, but it’s a Honda so it could easily run to 400,000 or more.  I drive it back and forth to work often to save miles on my newer car.  I don’t look as cool driving it, but it doesn’t bother me because it gets me from point a to point b.  Early 20s super cool me would have hated driving in such an old car, but late 20s more thrifty and frugal me doesn’t mind riding around in a 98 Accord.
  3. 30+ MPG – Like most Hondas it gets really good gas mileage and with gas prices being so low lately I can fill it up for under $30.
  4. CHEAP INSURANCE – Car insurance on this bad boy only costs me a whopping $40 a month.  I paid the $240 up front for a 6 month policy so it’s sort of like I don’t pay anything for insurance now since it’s a sunk cost.
  5. MY DOG CAR – I call it my dog’s car because I don’t like putting him in my newer car even though I have.  In my 98 Accord I don’t need to put a blanket or anything down on the seats no matter how dirty or stinky my dog is because I simply don’t care as much about the interior.
  6. PHOTOGENIC – The paint and body of the car look way better in the picture above than in person.
  7. VALUE – When I do go to sell this car the value will not be less than $750.  I believe the current kelley blue book value is around $1100-$1200, but I’ve seen similar cars with similar mileage for $1500 on craigslist so we’ll see what happens.
  8. FIXER UPPER – The are some minor issues that I plan to fix, but nothing over $20.  I’m not going to invest much money into this car, but a few improvements can be made that will make for some DIY fun.  The rear speakers are blown so I plan to buy a couple of used speakers to replace those.  The rear left door doesn’t open or close, but I just need to order a $10 part to fix that.

There are many more reasons why I love this car, but these are just a few that came to mind.  I still own a 2015 Honda Accord that is awesome and hopefully I’ll still have it when it has 280,000 miles on it someday, but having my 1998 Honda Accord will help keep the miles low on my newer accord to preserve some of its value while I pay it off.  My loyalty for Hondas goes way back to high school when I bought a Honda Civic which I had for 10 years and 200,000 miles.  Some reasons for my loyalty are that Hondas literally last forever as long as you change the oil regularly, Hondas are low maintenance, and Honda replacement parts are cheap and easy to install in comparison to other import brands.

Do you own an older car that you really love?  If so, comment below with why you love it?

2 comments on “Why I Love My 1998 Honda Accord
  1. dale -

    i, too, am a loyal honda owner. i was almost forced into buying my only non-honda, but i now own my fifth accord. it was literally an old lady’s car and it will last three times longer than i will have made payments on it. i see no reason to ever buy a new car.

  2. Eric -

    Wow your 5th accord that’s awesome and yes your honda will surely last a very long time with just a little bit of maintenance!


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