Why I Started A Blog


I was sitting there contemplating today, why did i even start this stupid blog?  See, I have all of these thoughts constantly running through my mind, like 24/7.  I’m not sure it’s healthy, but I’m not sure I can help it either.  Occasionally these thoughts spill out in conversation or onto social media in the form of a joke or rant and then I find myself wondering how did I even come up with that garbage and why did I share it! [Read Full Article…]

Why I Love My 1998 Honda Accord

1998 Honda Accord

Back in November 2015 I bought a 1998 Honda Accord from a friend at work.  I didn’t need the car at all, but it was a deal that I could not pass up for just $750.  My friend had the car for a long time and he was eager to get rid of it because he no longer needed it.  I helped make the transaction quick, easy, and hassle free for him by not having to deal with any craigslist crazies so I believe we both got what we wanted from the deal.  Anyways let’s discuss some reasons that I love my 1998 Honda Accord. [Read Full Article…]

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas That Are Actually Good


Need last minute gift ideas for Christmas?  Having trouble finding that perfect gift? Being the procrastinator and picky person that I am, I struggle with both of these issues every year.  If I’m going to buy someone a gift I want it to be something awesome, not just a boring gift card.  Admittedly though, I have resorted to buying gift cards occasionally in the past when I just couldn’t come up with a gift idea that was satisfactory.  Well this year [Read Full Article…]