Quick Tips For Saving Money On Purchases

Saving Money

If you’re anything like me you enjoy finding new ways to save money on any and every purchase that you make.  I’ve only became so thrifty and frugal in recent years mostly due to increasing expenses which I can’t control such as outrageous health insurance premiums.  What a scam!  Anyways, if you’re not so savvy yet when it comes to saving on everyday purchases and you want a few pointers then I’m going to provide you with some quick tips and [Read Full Article…]

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas That Are Actually Good


Need last minute gift ideas for Christmas?  Having trouble finding that perfect gift? Being the procrastinator and picky person that I am, I struggle with both of these issues every year.  If I’m going to buy someone a gift I want it to be something awesome, not just a boring gift card.  Admittedly though, I have resorted to buying gift cards occasionally in the past when I just couldn’t come up with a gift idea that was satisfactory.  Well this year [Read Full Article…]

How To Cut A Pineapple


If you ask me, there aren’t many fruits as delicious as a fresh cut pineapple.  Pineapples in a can don’t even compare in taste and they probably also lose some of the nutritional value as they’re usually soaked in a high fructose corn syrup for preservation and shelf life.  Pre-cut pineapples in plastic containers are very convenient and can be almost as tasty as a fresh cut pineapple, but they are usually at least double the cost of a whole pineapple for less than half of the amount you get from a whole pineapple.  A fresh cut pineapple can be cut in less than 5 minutes with little effort. [Read Full Article…]

How To Save Money On Your Wireless Bill

Wireless Phone

Cell phones have become such a necessity over the past decade that Grandmas and Grandpas are even ditching their land lines for smart phones.  There is almost no way to avoid having a cell phone bill nowadays, but I think that in general, most of us are overpaying.  The problem is that most people would love to have a lower monthly cell phone bill, but no one wants to lose the [Read Full Article…]

How it all started

Modern Farmhouse Dining Table

This is story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down.  Sorry for that horrible pun (but not really).  Anyways, today I’m going to tell the story of how I fell in love with building wood furniture as a hobby.  Growing up I never really had any exposure to woodworking or even using tools that much in general. I was raised mostly raised by a single amazing mother so she had to take care of mother and father duties, but understandably that didn’t include teaching me how to use tools for fixing and building things.  In my early 20s I had a warehouse job that required me to assemble and disassemble various pieces of furniture and pool tables so [Read Full Article…]

Restoration Hardware Inspired Dining Table


I’ve been wanting to build this dining table for a while, but I didn’t really have a good enough excuse until someone finally messaged me and asked if I could build it for them.  I immediately told them yes I could build the table even though in my mind I wasn’t 100% confident that it would turn out as great as it did.  I found the plans for this table on Shanty-2-Chic’s website.  Shanty-2-Chic has a ton of awesome DIY furniture plans and I highly recommend checking out their website if you are ever trying to build some furniture. [Read Full Article…]

Ibotta For Cash Back!

So here goes my first blog post!  I want to introduce you to an app that I downloaded and began using a couple of months ago called Ibotta.  This app will give you cash back for purchasing specific items and also for general purchases at a bunch of different retailers.  Some of the items that you can receive cash back for purchasing include groceries, liquor, wine, baby formula, printers, batteries, [Read Full Article…]