Favorites Of The Week Edition 1

Favorites Of The Week

Today I’m starting a new idea I’m going to call ‘Favorites of the Week’.  This will be a weekly post featuring my favorite articles from around the web that I’ve came across recently.  I will provide links so you can go and read them yourself and maybe a short comment on each article about why I liked it so much.  I will try to get at least one article from each topic covered on my blog.  Feedback is always appreciated, so let me know what you think [Read Full Article…]

How it all started

Modern Farmhouse Dining Table

This is story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down.  Sorry for that horrible pun (but not really).  Anyways, today I’m going to tell the story of how I fell in love with building wood furniture as a hobby.  Growing up I never really had any exposure to woodworking or even using tools that much in general. I was raised mostly raised by a single amazing mother so she had to take care of mother and father duties, but understandably that didn’t include teaching me how to use tools for fixing and building things.  In my early 20s I had a warehouse job that required me to assemble and disassemble various pieces of furniture and pool tables so [Read Full Article…]

Restoration Hardware Inspired Dining Table


I’ve been wanting to build this dining table for a while, but I didn’t really have a good enough excuse until someone finally messaged me and asked if I could build it for them.  I immediately told them yes I could build the table even though in my mind I wasn’t 100% confident that it would turn out as great as it did.  I found the plans for this table on Shanty-2-Chic’s website.  Shanty-2-Chic has a ton of awesome DIY furniture plans and I highly recommend checking out their website if you are ever trying to build some furniture. [Read Full Article…]